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Bryant Hill Beard Oil Sample Pack - 6 Pack

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All-Natural Organic

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    Apricot Kernel Oil, Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Abyssinian Seed Oil, Fragrance and/or Essential Oil, Rosemary Leaf Extract


    All of these fragrances are included:

    Aged Barrel Bourbon – Wood, Moss, Amber, and Spice

    Coahulla Comfort – Musk, Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Floral

    Cohutta Sunset – Magnolia, Gardenia, Fruit, Musk, and

    Farmhouse Tobacco – Powdery, Floral Fruity, and Earthy

    Money – Sweet, Fresh, Clean with hints of Clover


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    Why not try the mainstays?

    Introducing Bryant Hill Beard Oil Sample Pack, the perfect way to experience a luxurious blend of premium scents for your beard. Each 10ml sample bottle is carefully crafted to provide you with a taste of our finest beard oils, offering a grooming experience like no other.

    Discover the essence of masculinity with our Aged Barrel Bourbon scent, as the warm and rich notes of aged bourbon intertwine with hints of oak and vanilla. For a comforting embrace, Coahulla Comfort envelopes you with a soothing blend of herbal undertones and gentle spices, ensuring a calming effect on both your beard and mind.

    As the sun sets over the Cohutta Mountains, let the enchanting Cohutta Sunset scent transport you to the heart of nature. The refreshing fusion of citrus and woods will leave you feeling invigorated and ready to take on the day. For the adventurous souls, Farmhouse Tobacco evokes the rugged charm of an old-world farmhouse, with its distinct aroma of rustic tobacco leaves mingling with whispers of leather and cedarwood.

    And finally, for those who know the power of prosperity, our Money scent encapsulates opulence and success. This unique blend of rich earthy notes and a touch of crisp clover will have you exuding confidence with every beard stroke.

    Bryant Hill Beard Oil Sample Pack offer you the opportunity to indulge in an olfactory journey, experimenting with each unique scent to find the one that perfectly complements your personality. Treat yourself or surprise a bearded friend with this exquisite set of 10ml sample bottles, and let the luxurious experience of Bryant Hill Beard Oil elevate your grooming routine to new heights.

    Unleash the power of nature's finest essences on your beard, and make a statement that leaves a lasting impression. Embrace the diversity of scents, all carefully curated to meet the needs of the modern beardsman. Try Bryant Hill Beard Oil Samples today, and let your beard revel in the essence of pure sophistication and masculine allure.

    Remember, Bryant Hill Beard Oil Sample Pack - where exceptional scents meet unrivaled grooming prowess, all in one delightful package.

    • Small Batch

      Our beard oil is meticulously made in small batch form to ensure quality over quantity. We only use the premium oils we can find for true luxury.

    • Great for ALL Types

      Our formula has been tested for all skin types and facial hair. We have personally tested our formula on ourselves and various other skin/hair types.

    • Smooth and Hydrating

      Tired of using beard oil that leaves that oily feeling on your hands, face and beard? We were too so we made sure our formula was better and not too oily.

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